Turner Machine Shop

Turner machine is a diversified machine shop. On a daily basis, we handle unique routine repair and fabricating jobs.

Our machine shop routinely manufactures and repairs:

  • Hydraulic cylinder. In addition to carrying most common packing in stock, we can make new tubes, pistons, shafts or ends- often the same day. We carry 100,000 psi chrome shafting when most of our competitors carry 75,000 psi shafting.
  • Driveshafts. We carry a wide range of DOM tubing and Neapco automotive truck driveshaft parts.
  • Keyed shafts and rollers. We continue to serve the citrus industry. Our steel bars come direct from the mill. Less handling means straighter shafts at a lower price.
  • Pins and Bushings. We make and repair pins and arms for the earth moving industry. We also make bushings that make a worn-out hole round again.
  • Parts "not made anymore". We often repair or make parts on old equipment that are no longer made.

Experienced welders make the welding shop the best choice in the area for:

  • Intricate TIG repairs
  • Pressure-tested aluminum, steel, or stainless tanks.
  • Meeting engineered requirements for lolly columns, braces and beams for construction.
  • Skill to repair trailers (including the landing gear and the body) or to manufacture the sturdiest truck body.
  • Repairs to agricultural equipment such as speed sprayers and water wagons.
  • Resources and ingenuity to manufacture one-of-a-kind or prototype items.
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